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Allograpta (Allograpta) obliqua

Fig. 65. Larva, 12-24 hours after hatching x 50; a, antenna; b, internal oesophageal framework; c, posterior respiratory organs.

Fig. 66. Mature larva x 9; a, antenna; b, position of anterior spiracles; c, posterior respiratory appendages.

Fig. 67. Antero-ventral view of the head of the larva, much enlarged; a, antenna; b, upper jaw;c, outer pair of mouth-hooks; d, the two pairs of lateral mouth hooklets; e, chitinous oesophageal framework (internal); f, lower jaw.

Fig. 68. End view of posterior respiratory organ x 200; a, one of the six elongate spiracles, b, the dorsal, circular plate; c, the interspiracular spines.

Fig. 69. Dorsal view of puparium x 5; a, posterior respiratory appendage.

Fig. 70. Outline of puparium from the side x 3.5; a, posterior respiratory appendage.

Photographer: Metcalf, C.L.. Publisher: Mengual, Ximo.

Metcalf, C.L.
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