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Sphaerophoria (Loveridgeana) beattiei (Doesburg & Doesburg)

60. Head of male, dorsal view. 61. Head of male, lateral view. 62. Thorax of male, dorsal view. 63. Abdomen of male, dorsal view, setation omitted. 64. Detail of 3rd abdominal tergum of same specimen, showing the normal setation and the microscopic cuticulair spinulae or microtrichia (paratypes, measurements in mm) (from Doesburg and Doesburg 1977).

Photographer: Doesburg, P.H. van (Sr.) & Doesburg, P.H. van (Jr.). Publisher: Mengual, Ximo.

Doesburg, P.H. van (Sr.) & Doesburg, P.H. van (Jr.)
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