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Toxomerus apegiensis (Harbach)

From Harbach (1974).

Fig. 1-6, Toxomerus apegiensis. 1, head (left side view); 2, abdomen of male (dorsal view); 3, left wing (male); 4, male genitalia (right side view); 5, axial system of male genitalia; 6, male genitalia (dorsal view). Fig. 7, Toxomerus croesus (Hull), male genitalia (right side view).

Scale equals 0.16 mm (fig. 4-7), 0.32 mm (fig. 1), 0.64 mm (fig. 2, 3).

Photographer: Harbach, R. E.. Publisher: Mengual, Ximo.

Harbach, R. E.
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