Phylogeny of Chrysotoxum species (Diptera: Syrphidae) inferred from morphological and molecular characters

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2006
Authors:A. Masetti, Luchetti, A., Sommaggio, D., Burgio, G., Mantovani, B.
Journal:European Journal of Entomology

Relationships of nine Italian Chrysotoxum species were analysed using morphological and molecular data. Themorphology-derived cladogram revealed three well-defined groups: (i) C. cautum, (ii) the arcuatum group (C. arcuatum, C. fasciolatum) and (iii) the festivum group (C. festivum – C. vernale, C. bicinctum, C. elegans, C. octomaculatum and C. parmense). Trees inferred from COI-tRNALeu-COII sequences were largely in agreement, but they identified (i) C. parmense as an isolated branch, (ii) C. festivum and C. vernale as separate entities, (iii) C. elegans within a paraphyletic C. festivum clade. ITS2 trees were partially unresolved but C. parmense sequence emerged as a sister to the festivum group. The monophyly of the festivum group derived from morphological data was rejected by a phylogenetic test performed on combined molecular data set. The diagnostic value of some morphological characters commonly used to identify Chrysotoxum species is therefore questioned

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