Taxonomic notes on the Volucella pellucens species group (Diptera: Syrphidae) with a description on one new species from the Eastern Palaearctic

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2006
Authors:D. - S. Choi, Ôhara, K., Han, H. - Y.

Volucella thompsoni n.sp. is described and illustrated. The following characters distinguish it fromthe other species of the Volucella pellucens group: 1) abdominal tergite 2 longer than tergite 3, or atmost 2.4x wider than long; 2) male basoflagellomere in lateral view slightly constricted in middle;and 3) surstylus greatly shortened in lateral view. This species was erroneously named as V.matsumurai Han et Choi replacing V. pellucens var. japonica Matsumura for homonymy.Subsequent examination of the holotype of V. pellucens var. japonica revealed that it was merely avariant of V. pellucens tabanoides Motschulsky. In addition, we compared V. thompsoni n.sp. withthe other known species and subspecies of the pellucens species group (V. inflata, V. nigricans, V.pellucens pellucens and V. pellucens tabanoides). For V. pellucens, we discussed the status of theAsian and European populations, and provided a justification for recognizing them as twosubspecies. We also provided a key and diagnoses for the included species with the detailedillustrations of their male genitalia and other body parts.

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