Contributions to a history of Mexican dipterology. Part II. - the Biologia Centrali-Americana

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2003
Authors:N. Papavero, Ibanez-Bernal S.
Journal:Acta Zoologica Mexicana Nueva Serie
Date Published:abril
Keywords:biographies] [Publications / / ] [Checklists / / Species described, by contributing authors to Biologia Centrali-Americana] [Mexico / /, checklists of species described by contributing authors &, Diptera [History of zoology / Biologia Centrali-Americana / General, Pipunculidae, remarks, remarks on species checklists & contributing authors].

In this second contribution to the history of Mexican Dipterology, general remarks of the Biologia Centrali Americana, the authors, the collectors and their trips are presented. Dealing specifically with Diptera, some aspects of the life and works of the contributors to this work are included. Here are listed all the Mexican Diptera species-names proposed by Karl Robert Romanovitch Baron von den Osten Sacken (78 species), Samuel Wendell Williston (200 species), John Merton Aldrich (47 species), William Morton Wheeler and Axel Leonard Melander (18 species), and Frederik Maurits Van Der Wulp (610 species). Included are a total of 953 specific names of the following 41 current families (in phylogenetic order): Tipulidae: 16, Bibionidae: 2, Ditomyiidae: 1, Keroplatidae: 2, Mycetophilidae: 1 , Culicidae: 1, Ceratopogonidae: 2, Tabanidae: 12, Pantophtalmidae: 1, Rhagionidae: 7, Stratiomyidae: 26, Therevidae: 1, Mydidae: 3, Apioceridae: 1 , Asilidae: 59, Acroceridae: 3, Nemestrinidae: 1, Bombyliidae: 72, Empididae: 20, Dolichopodidae: 48, Platypezidae: 1, Syrphidae: 54, Pipunculidae: 5, Conopidae: 6, Micropezidae: 12, Tanypezidae: 1, Psilidae: 2, Otitidae: 12, Platystomatidae: 8, Tephritidae: 39, Richardiidae: 5, Sciomyzidae: 10, Lauxaniidae: 1, Heleomyzidae: 3, Scatophagidae: 4, Anthomyiidae: 11, Muscidae: 40, Calliphoridae: 1, Sarcophagidae: 44, Tachinidae: 412, Hippoboscidae: 3. The original reference, type-locality, depository museum or collection, current taxonomic status of each speciesnames and additional references are given.

URL:<Go to ISI>://ZOOR13900053083
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