Generic limits and taxonomic features of some genera belonging to the tribe of Chrysogasterini (Diptera, Syrphidae) .2. Taxonomic, nomenclatural status of studied species and analysis of the complex Melanogaster Macquarti (Loew)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1994
Authors:A. Maibach, Detiefenau, P. G., Speight, M. C. D.
Journal:Annales de la Société Entomologique de France
Keywords:Chrysogasterini, Diptera, Syrphidae

Following the recent systematic review of the generic limits of the genera Lejogaster Rondani, Chrysogaster Meigen and Orthonevra Macquart, the revalidation of Melanogaster Rondani and the creation of a new genus Riponnensia (Maibach et al., 1994), we present and justify in this paper all the nomenclatural changes resulting from this review. In addition, we clarify the taxonomic status of cryptic species belonging to the complex Melanogaster macquarti (Loew), with, as result, the revalidation and/or the redescription of Melanogaster aerosa (Loew) and Melanogaster parumplicata (Loew). Type material is designated for the following species (mentionned here under their original name and not their present status) : Chrysogaster aerosa Loew [Lectotype], C. discicornis Megerle in Meigen [Lectotype], C. elegans Wiedemann in Meigen [Holotype], C. fumipennis Loew [Lectotype], C. grandicornis Meigen [Holotype], C. hirtella Loew [Lectotype], C. incisa Loew [Holotype], C. insignis Loew [Holotype], C. longicornis Loew [Lectotype], C. macquarti Loew [Lectotype], C. nuda Macquart [Lectotype], C. parumplicata Loew [Lectotype], C. splendens Meigen [Lectotype], C. violacea Meigen [Lecotype], C. tarsata Megerle in Meigen [Neotype], C. virescens Loew [Lectotype], Crysogaster (Lejogaster) virgo Rondani [Lectotype], Melanogaster nubilis Rondani [Lectotype]. Besides, three synonyms are established or confirmed: Chrysogaster parumplicata (Loew) is a senior synonym of Melanogaster macquarti Loew, Chrysogaster tarsata is a senior synonym of L. splendida Megerle in Meigen as well as of Crysogaster (Lejogaster) virgo Rondani. Finally, the name lucida Scopoli is shown to have been wrongly applied as a replacement name for viduata auct. nec L.

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