Recent records of flies from the Maltese Islands (Diptera)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1991
Authors:S. Schembri, Gatt, P., Schembri, J.
Journal:Memorie della Societa Entomologica Italiana

This work summarises current knowledge on the dipterological fauna of the Central Mediterranean Islands of Malta, Gozo and Comino (the Maltese Archipelago). Previously published literature on the Maltese Diptera are briefly reviewed in the introduction. A list of the Diptera taken by the authors, chiefly between the years 1975 - 1978, is given. This list, totalling 203 species divides into 27 families, is a good representation of at least the commoner species. For each species listed, distribution within the Maltese Islands, ecological data where relevant, and month of capture (in Roman numerals) are given. The following families are included: Bibionidae (3 sp.), Mycetophilidae (3 sp.). Tabanidae (5 sp.), Stratiomyidae (2 sp.), Therevidae (3 sp.), Scenopinidae (1 sp.) Acroceridae (1 sp.) Bombyliidae (18 sp.), Hybotidae (7 sp.), Microphoridae (1 sp.) Dolichopodidae (6 sp.). Syrphidae (17 sp.), Conopidae (6 sp.), Heleomyzidae (1 sp.), Lauxaniidae (1 sp.), Sepsidae (3 sp.), Tephritidae (14 sp.), Ephydridae (12 sp.), Tachinidae (25 sp.), Rhinophoridae (3 sp.), Sarcophagidae (32 sp.), Calliphoridae (6 sp.), Scatophagidae (1 sp.), Muscidae (18 sp.), Anthomyiidae (6 sp.), Fanniidae (2 sp.), Hippoboscidae (6 sp.).

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