Species composition and origin of the fauna of Warsaw. Part 2

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1981
Authors:W. Czechowski, Garbarczyk, H., Pisarski, B., Sawoniewicz, J.
Journal:Memorabilia Zoologica
Volume:publ. 1982
Pagination:35: 170 pp.
Keywords:Conopidae, Pipunculidae

This volume, which represents the 2nd in a series on the species composition and origin of the dipterous fauna of Warsaw, Poland [see also RAE/A 70, 5835], contains 12 papers. Each paper contains information on the fauna, zoogeography and ecology of the family or group concerned (Tabanomorpha; Dolichopodidae; Phoridae; Syrphidae; Conopidae; Pipunculidae; Anthomyiidae, Muscidae and non-parasitic Calliphoridae; Scathophagidae; parasitic Calliphoridae; Sarcophagidae and Rhinophoridae; Tachinidae; and Gasterophilidae, Hypodermatinae, Oestridae, Hippoboscidae and Nycteribiidae). Species new to the fauna of the Warsaw region or Mazovia or new to the Polish fauna are indicated.

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