The flower fly genus Eosphaerophoria Frey (Diptera, Syrphidae)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2010
Authors:X. Mengual, Ghorpade K. D.
Keywords:Eosphaerophoria, Eosphaerophoria adornata Mengual, Eosphaerophoria bifida Mengual, Eosphaerophoria brunettii Ghorpadé, Eosphaerophoria dentiscutellata (Keiser), Eosphaerophoria hermosa Mengual, Eosphaerophoria luteofasciata Mengual, Eosphaerophoria marginata Frey, Eosphaerophoria nigrovittata Mengual, Eosphaerophoria punctata Claussen & Weipert, Eosphaerophoria symmetrica Mengual, Eosphaerophoria vietnamensis Mengual

The flower fly genus Eosphaerophoria is revised. Eight new species are described (adornata sp. n. Mengual, bifida sp. n. Mengual, brunettii sp. n. Ghorpadé, hermosa sp. n. Mengual, luteofasciata sp. n. Mengual, nigrovittata sp. n. Mengual, symmetrica sp. n. Mengual, and vietnamensis sp. n. Mengual), and an identification key is provided. Redescriptions, illustrations, synonymies, diagnoses and distributional data are given for all 11 known species of Eosphaerophoria. The new described species increase the genus’ distribution, now recorded from Nepal and Sri Lanka east to New Guinea. All information data, images and drawings, as well as additional images and relevant information, are available online via the internet as an example of the utility of international standards for biodiversity informatics.

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